This is a Social Media Management and Digital Marketing case study on a Cloud Development & Consultancy Service.

Preliminary Investigation

Services Provided:

1. Big Data Analytics
— Helping make data driven decisions
a. Audit Existing Data
b. Setup New Data Collection Points
c. Automate the Analysis

2. Cloud Based Application Development

In this series of articles, I will try to research, evaluate and suggest actions on
the state of social media presence and outreach for not-so fashionable small to
medium size businesses. Starting with small local law firms.

For part 1 let’s get to it and start with the competition overview.

Social Media Management Case Study: Local Law & Legal Consultancy Firms

Getting a list of competition

Probably not. But I attempt to dissect (and giveup halfway through) what makes him one of the best Twitter influencer out there.

Medium wanted me to put a image.

Naval Ravikant is considered one of best guys to follow on twitter. He is the founder of AngelList. So rest assured he knows what is doing.


UAB stands for Useless Anyfactor Blog. This is a real project, I apologize for not going into the details.

The client asked me to scrape a really ’90s looking messaging board. …

CONTRACT! CONTRACT! CONTRACT! Why you shouldn’t take a job without having the client sign a contract and agreeing to your terms even if it pays less than 5 dollars!!

Contract!! Contract!! Contract!!

This is the stupidest mistake I keep making. I have been told a million times already have the client sign YOUR…

When it comes to programming tutorials most western popular YouTubers have a tendency to stop right after the beginner level tutorials. They will make a beginner level tutorial for every version and for every language out there, but they will not give much attention to intermediate topics. …


I do freelance python development in mainly web scraping, automation, building very simple Flask APIs, simple Vue frontend and more or less doing what I like to call “general-purpose programming”.

Now, I am reasonably skilled in python, I believe. Don’t write OOP and class-based python unless I am doing more…

This is a case study for Social Media Management & Digital Marketing Strategy for a Scientific Research Assistance Service that does editing, proofreading and all-around assistance.

Background of the Business

  • Scientific Research Editing, Proofreading & Assistance Service
  • Target Demographic: Publication in academic journals & PhD students writing a thesis
  • The website has a blog…

A suggestion (upgrades) for an existing Real Estate Twitter Account

Case 1

Previous Image

Current Image

This is a Social Media Management and Digital Marketing case study on Luxury Real Estate Business.

Market Research (Competition)


I rant about programming, freelancing and other stuff. | @anyfactor

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