What makes Indian Programming tutorials so great?

Nov 7, 2020


When it comes to programming tutorials most western popular YouTubers have a tendency to stop right after the beginner level tutorials. They will make a beginner level tutorial for every version and for every language out there, but they will not give much attention to intermediate topics. That is because -

  • Intermediate and advanced tutorials does not bring in significant viewerbase
  • They assume after finishing the beginner series the students have acquired a solid understanding about what to google with appropriate “syntactical” clarity when faced with a problem
  • They assume the “graduated” students are capable of reading through docs, manual, and stackoverflow. They don’t need to spoon feed the instructions to them anymore, it is the students time to do the hardwork, which is research and work on their projects.
  • Intermediate and advanced tutorials require a lot of effort, so the popular YouTuber wants to maximize their efforts by selling the course on udemy. This is a rational move because there isn’t much of viewerbase for the niche intermediate and advanced topics.

Indian YouTubers are great, because they provide the solutions to these problems.

  • They are after this niche demands of intermediate and advanced topics
  • They know video tutorials are much more convenient in providing a solution and a reason, than googling the solution.
  • The Feynman Technique also helps them to understand the topic better, and produce better quality videos in the future.

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