SMM Case Study: Regional Law Firms (Part 1: Competition Overview)

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In this series of articles, I will try to research, evaluate and suggest actions on
the state of social media presence and outreach for not-so fashionable small to
medium size businesses. Starting with small local law firms.

For part 1 let’s get to it and start with the competition overview.

Social Media Management Case Study: Local Law & Legal Consultancy Firms

Getting a list of competition

To get started, step 1 for me is usually checking out the competition. I picked a
random city which was Pennsylvania. From the local directories I found a list called, which held the website links for 17 different law offices around the city. I will take a random sample of 8 to get started.

Competition Social Media Links

Table from the original SMM audit report for potential client

Competition Overview

This is the summary from the assessment of their social media activities.


  • Active but only uses internal articles
  • Has animated infrographs but posted only on Facebook
  • No variety in posting
  • The limited number of likes indicate the owner nor employees nor the
    clients invited their friends to like
  • Because of exclusively using internal content, posting is infrequent
  • Just people in suits sitting in front of a landscape backdrop or sitting in
    an office


  • Has account linked on the website but no posts recent posts
  • Old posts are uninspired text posts some with URLs but no thumbnails


  • No post on Business profile, yet it’s linked
  • The C-Suite Employees/Owners/Lawyers aren’t active on LinkedIn either
  • No adequate referral/recommendation/testimonial


  • Monotone narration with upbeat music
  • Verges on being an ASMR video but the upbeat music keeps me from
  • Watchtime is justifiably abysmal
  • No video thumbnail

Conclusion to part 1

The state of social media presence for regional law firms by and large isn’t that
great. For a human focus business there is incredible room for growth.

In the next part, I will suggest review successful social media account in this
industry and look into what they are doing right.

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