UTA: Can you Tweet like Naval Ravikant?

3 min readDec 1, 2020

Probably not. But I attempt to dissect (and giveup halfway through) what makes him one of the best Twitter influencer out there.

Medium wanted me to put a image.

Naval Ravikant is considered one of best guys to follow on twitter. He is the founder of AngelList. So rest assured he knows what is doing.


Figure 1

Keywords: Integrity, You, Wh-words
Theme: Righteousness
Note: Somewhat ambiguous tweet. Forces you toread twice to get the idea.

Figure 2

Keywords: Internet, Billion, Monopoly
Theme: Empowerment

Figure 3

Keywords: Science, Innovation, Free market, Truth
Theme: Observation, Validation
Note: The beauty of this tweet is that the entire tweet is 90% keywords. And the spacing allows each sentence to be taken as a different statement but the final sentence brings it all together.

Figure 4

Keywords: Status, Everything
Theme: Empowerment, Validation
Note: Even with largely no keywords this is a good tweet. But the beauty the construct of this tweet is extremely simple. Like kindergarten level vocabulary. This makes it more approachable.

Figure 5

Keywords: Social Media
Theme: Contrarian
Note: Aside from the irony, hating social media makes people think that they are free thinkers.

Figure 6

Keywords: Happiness, Secret
Theme: Relationship

Figure 7

Keywords: Read, Ban
Theme: Contrarian, self help
Note: A thought provoking sentence in only 32 characters.

Figure 8

Keywords: Everybody, Change
Theme: Contrarian
Note: If a multiple sentence carries the same idea don’t separate them with a paragraph.

Figure 9

Keywords: You, Curious, Good
Theme: Self help

Figure 10

Keywords: Internet, You
Theme: Empowerment

Figure 11

Keywords: Knowledge, Effort, You
Theme: Self help.

Figure 12

Keywords: You, Everyone
Theme: Contrarian

Figure 13

Theme: Play on words

Bonus 1: Links/Direct Self Promotion doesn’t work.

So, Can you replicate his tweets? No. He is like the PewDewPie of twitter. You can identify common themes and patterns but at the end of the day, he has figured out his shit.

But you can try out two things out, which will not work for you any way -

  • Contrarian views — Everyone is wrong. But you are different.
  • If you are not using keywords, make sure your tweet is easy to read and ambiguous enough to be though provoking.

UTA stands for Useless Twitter Analysis. Don’t get mad at me for reading this through and thinking this is crap.

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