SMM Case Study: Cloud Development & Management Service

3 min readMay 17, 2021

This is a Social Media Management and Digital Marketing case study on a Cloud Development & Consultancy Service.

Preliminary Investigation

Services Provided:

1. Big Data Analytics
— Helping make data driven decisions
a. Audit Existing Data
b. Setup New Data Collection Points
c. Automate the Analysis

2. Cloud Based Application Development
— Creating highly optimized cloud based applications
a. Develop Applications
b. Incorporate Web and Mobile
c. Refine Existing Applications

3. Cloud Migration and Management
— Transfer projects to the cloud or optimize existing cloud businesses
a. Reduce Costs and Risks
b. Improve performance and Efficiency
c. Rest Easy with Support Services

Social Media Accounts

Target customers-
— Small Technology-Driven Business
— Medium to Large Ecommerce


Convert blog posts to pictures –
· Top level bullet points
· Highlight important quotes
· This can also be converted to gifs.

Memes and Humor?

· I think every post 2015 companies should dabble in humor or meme
· Making professional meme
· Requires experimenting and preapproval for the balance of humor and professionalism

Social Media Activity and Guerilla Marketing

· Follow people, businesses and influential developers on twitter
· Regular engage in basic engagement
· Leave open ended questions for trigger discussions


· Reddit is very much “anti-promotion” and being transparent does not pay
· The process for marketing in reddit is Value > Open ended Issue > DM for question > Service offer
· The catch is that this requires atleast some level of expertise about the business
· But this can be solved by curating posts where service can be marketed
· Both technical and target demographics must be covered
· Try to provide opinions

News and Updates of the industry

· Share news and updates of the industry
· Summary posts, summary pictures can also be made to for the ease reading

Repeated posts for blogs and eBooks

Every post should end in some kind of tagline such as “Get your free consultation >>

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